Learning Communities

P-20 Learning Communities

he Division of Equity in Learning includes five P-20 Learning Communities led by P-20 Learning Community Directors.  Each P-20 Learning Community supports a group of schools from preschool through post secondary. 

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Innovation (Office of Autonomous Schools)

P-20 School Support Team Design

p20-support-teamThe work of the P-20 School Support Team is directed by the P-20 Learning Community Director.

Roles on the P-20 School Support Team:

  • Multi-tiered systems of support/RTI, Data Teams, Teaching & Learning
  • Equity in Learning Engagement Support (intentional culture, behavior, PBIS, restorative justice)
  • Post-Secondary Workforce Support (ICAP/Naviance, Pathways, credit recovery)
  • Family / Community Liaisons
  • Assigned Instructional Coordinators
  • Assigned Educational Technology Coaches
  • Assigned ECE Coaches
  • Assigned ELD Consultants
  • Assigned ESS Consultants


The P-20 Learning Communities include school support teams, such as RTI and data team support and post-secondary workforce support, that will help us to better serve the needs of our students.

P-20 Learning Communities Support Teams

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