Upcoming Events in July

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JULY  15 (11:30-1:30)  APS New Leader Luncheon (for new principals in APS), Aurora Hills Middle School
New APS principals are invited to a luncheon on July 15 from 11:30-1:30 at Aurora Hills Middle School where you will have the opportunity to meet Division of Equity in Learning staff and speak with experienced APS principals.  We look forward to this brief, but meaningful, start to the development of relationships and support that will support you well through this first experience as a principal in Aurora.

JULY 18 (8 am-4 pm) APS School Leader Meeting (Principals and Assistant Principals), PLCC
Welcome to the school year and the Division of Equity in Learning- this event will begin our district-wide engagement with Dr. Pedro Noguera’s “Metro Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools"

JULY 22 (8 am - 4pm) APS School Leader Meeting (Principals and Assistant Principals), PLCC
“Responding to Data” meeting- a first look at TCAP and related data from 2014-2015 and engagement related to effective ways in which we respond to this data

Locations:  July 21 at the PLCC,  July 22-24 at Boston K – 8

JULY 22 – 25  Grades 6 – 12  NEW TEACHER UNIVERSITY 
For Teachers of Literacy, Math, ELD, Social Studies, Science
Locations: July 22 at the PLCC,  July 23-25 at Central High School

JULY 28 – New Teacher Site-Based Induction with Teaching Partners
8:00 – 9:30 New Teacher Reception with Rico, John, and Division of Equity in Learning at the PLCC

JULY 29 – New Teacher Site-Based Induction with Teaching Partners
11:30 – 1:00  AEA Lunch/meeting  at the PLCC

JULY 28 AND 29:  New Teacher Orientation for Art, Music, PE, Foreign Language, Business
Location to be announced by June 30

JULY 31 – District Professional Learning Day
Details for agenda, location and outcomes by June 30.