Educator Effectiveness and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs): Looking for answers?

Do you fully understand SLOs and the new evaluation process?  If not, help is on the way!  The APS Educator Effectiveness team continues its work with SLOs. In response to staff feedback, the team is moving into Phase II, which focuses on assessment literacy.

What are the goals of Phase II?

  • Enhance our common understandings and shared language related to SLOs and explore how SMART goals are an important element of SLOs
  • Create opportunities for staff members to share what they’ve been doing with SLOs.
  • Establish a set of solid SLO examples and SMART goals/statements of intended learning.
  • Support teachers and principals who want to develop SMART goals in the spring.

What are the phases of the APS Educator Effectiveness Program team?

  • Phase I: 2013-14 – SLO Pilot
  • Phase II: 2014-15 – 2nd Semester SLO Project  
  • Phase III: 2015-16 – Launch of District-Wide SLOs

How do I learn more?

  • Visit the new Teacher Effectiveness website at
  • See Educator Effectiveness Program team, listed in last bullet, below.

Why are we doing this work?

  • Teachers and principals have asked for help in understanding the SLO process.
  • SLOs support our Unified Job Description to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.
  • Colorado Statute SB-191 requires that all educators’ evaluations include 50% Student Growth Measures (SGMs) beginning in July 2015.

Who is on the Educator Effectiveness team and how can I contact them to learn more?

  • Laura Summers, Division of Equity in Learning, Professional Practices, Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes, Evaluator Calibration
  • Marcellus Lewis, Division of Accountability & Research, Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes
  • Erin Brophy, Division of Human Resources, Process, Evaluation Tool