October 2017

Dear APS Staff and Community,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

We are entering this year with strong momentum from the learning that so many of our students have already experienced in our classrooms.  

Our teachers are creating this momentum though the design of engaging learning experiences that draw our students into a culture of thinking, motivating the kind of growth and achievement that accelerates learning.   

As we enter this new school year together, I want to make certain that you are aware of a new resource that has been created specifically for you.  

This new resource is the Instructional Resource Site, developed to ensure that every APS teacher has what is needed to design engaging learning experiences for our students.

The Instructional Resource Site is designed so that each grade-level resource link includes:

  • Equity and CRE Resources
  • Colorado Academic Standards & Grade-level Exit Criteria
  • Year at a Glance and Planning Guides
  • Instructional Models and Resource Links
  • Interim & Formative Assessment Resources
  • Additional links to district programs and resources

As you visit and begin to investigate this website, know that it is a prototype that will evolve in a manner that is highly responsive to your feedback.  Our interest is in “crowd-sourcing” the ongoing revision of this resource, using your input to ensure that it becomes most useful to you over time.  

As you enter the APS Instructional Resource Site, you will notice a “Tell us what YOU think link.  Every bit of feedback from you will allow us to revise and evolve the resource through the year based on what YOU need available in this portal.  

Please, let me know what you think of this new resource and feel free to share any other ideas or interests that you have as we enter this school year together.  I value your input and your voice as we continue to carry our strong momentum into the new year for our students.  

Thank you for your teaching, for your leadership, and for serving our APS students well.

All the best,

Andre Wright
APS Chief Academic Officer

Need resources and supports for designing engaging learning experiences? 

My job is to accelerate the learning of every APS student everyday.
I do my job by hiring the right people, providing the right resources and creating the right systems so that every student shapes a successful future.
My community needs me to do my job.