This year PBIS will not be providing training for all classified staff. However, we are avalible to come to sites as needed and do trainings.

As classified staff members, you are able to connect with students in a different way than a teacher ever could.  For some of our students, you are the one person that has always been there.  While teachers have changed from year to year, I know that I can find you in the school on the playground, in the office or in the classroom. 

As a teacher, students thought of me as their evaluator no matter how many times we discussed that your teacher doesn't give you a grade, you've earned that grade.  Students know that you are there for more than just academic tasks.  They know that you are there to help keep them safe on the playground, or as they walk across the crosswalk.  They know that you have talked to their parent/guardian when they have called the school or come to pick them up. 

As classified staff you are able to connect with our students in a way that  teacher cannot.

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