Overlapping Spheres of Influence

Family Involvement has a Positive effect on Student Behavior

  • When families are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior.
  • When students report feeling support from both home and school, they have more self confidence, feel school is more important, and they tend to do better in school.
  • Student at-risk behaviors such as alcohol use, violence, and other anti-social behaviors decrease as parent involvement increases.

Positive behavior interventions & supports, often called PBIS, is not just for schools. Parents can use the same ideas to create a better environment for the entire family. First, let’s look at what PBIS is:

  1. Deciding what behavior you want to change
  2. Deciding how you want that behavior to change
  3. Using behavior science to change that behavior
    1. Develop a theory about why you think the behavior is occurring
    2. Test your theory
  4.  Using supports that have been tested and proven to work
    1. Teach new skills to get the same results
    2. Change environments and daily routines
    3. Reward positive behaviors

Positive behavioral interventions & support does not mean changing the child; rather, it means creating a new environment that supports the positive behavior you want to achieve. It means creating a plan that determines who will help and what you will do differently.

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