What is a PBIS Site Facilitator?

The PBIS Site Facilitator is the primary point of contact between your site (school or district department) and the district level PBIS Coaches.

Why do we need a PBIS Site Facilitator?

Currently in APS we have 86% of all schools (not including pilot schools) and District Transportation implementing PBIS with 2 full time PBIS district level coaches.  Using the framework of PBIS to guide our district implementation we needed to implement a sustainable system to support all of these sites.  One way that we accomplish this in APS is by having  PBIS Site Facilitators. The district coaches will be in contact via email with facilitators monthly.

What are PBIS Workshops?

  PBIS Workshops are content specific work time for PBIS building facilitators and PBIS team members to focus more in-depth on specific areas of the Benchmark of Quality fidelity tool. During these montly workshops the district PBIS coaches and the site facilitators/ team members  meet to network, share ideas and information.  We discuss a different focus every month, this focus is designed to improve PBIS implementation and be responsive to what is going on at our various PBIS locations.

When do PBIS Workshops occur?

PBIS Workshop Schedule

  • August 2013 —Implementation Plan   Wednesday August 28th 3:30-5:00   ESC4 Board Room

Topics include setting up your meetings in Avatar, scheduling team meetings, boosters, assemblies, etc. Bring your school calendar and your laptop. We will be building a year long calendar together.

  • September 2013– Lesson Plans Tuesday September 17th 3:30-5:00 ESC  4 Conf. Room C

We will be sharing lesson plan/ rotation schedule ideas, so bring whatever you have. We will work to combine the best of each to create super-charged lesson plans for teaching           expectations.

  • November 2013– Faculty Commitment Thursday November 14th 3:30-5:00 ESC 4 Board Room

We will discuss ways to turn your biggest naysayers into your biggest supporters. Bring your best ideas on how you recognize your staff and learn how to build commitment from the    faculty.

  • January 2014– Function Based Support Tuesday January 14th 3:30-5:00 ESC 4 Board Room

Review/learn about the function of behavior. Leave with a presentation for your staff on    function based support.

  • March 2014 – Data Wednesday March 19th 3:30-5:00 ESC 4 Board Room

Jessica Daily, our CDE TAC, will be leading a discussion on data. She guarantee's you will leave loving data…

  • April 2014– OPEN HOUSE     Thursday April 17th 3:30-5:00 PLCC La Plata Peak Room

In order to allow more schools to participate we are holding our annual open house earlier in the school year. Bring your best  PBIS practices to show off and learn what other sites in the district are doing. Leave with a ton of ideas!

Please register for the above workshops in Avatar!

Meetings are after my work day, do I get paid for this time?

Unfortunately due to current budget restrictions we are unable to pay facilitators for their time.  What is available is re-licensure credit (0.5 credit for 7.5 contact hours, 1 credit for 15 contact hours) or Adams State College (2 graduate level credits).   

Resources for Facilitators